Virtual & Technology Based Learning Solutions

PSIT COE has established "Virtual Classrooms" inside institutions to cater to the needs of the students. This is done in partnership with such institutions offering E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams. Our mission is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by providing free online courseware.

This Live and Interactive Learning and Training Platform has redefined access to education. It enables students to have interactive sessions with instructors and fellow students across the country thus truly bridging the urban - rural divide.

We are equipped with several state-of-the-art studios / lecture halls from where the expert teacher delivers classes using presentations, video, audio and digital content to effectively communicate, engage and interact with students / trainees sitting in classes spread across geographical locations. The instructor and students are always visible to each other and interactions are as instant as in a regular classroom. Therefore a single instructor teaches students across the country without compromising on the quality of learning.

Thus the "Technology Enabled Virtual Classrooms" focus on developing technical and managerial competence among the students through development of specialized knowledge and skills from the best in the field, delivered over a unique virtual platform.

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