Projects Title

“Risk and Innovation: A cause for tension? Identifying and understanding

Time Management: How can it increase the revenue of an organization

Employee perception of training Effectiveness

Quality of work life balance

Effect of Organizational climate on employee motivation / job satisfaction.

Training needs to enhance employee productivity and Organization efficiency

The role of IT in human resource development

Time management: How can it increase the revenue of an organization?

Is HRM the pursuit of attitudinal shaping

Absenteeism and its effect on productivity.

Workers Participation in management and it effects on productivity.

Safety and Health measures Policy of the companies in India

Industrial Relation issues in companies

Effect of organizaional climate on employee motivation/job satisfaction

Employeee engagement

Time management: the way to improve revenue of an organisation

Globalization – its impact on the Indian financial sector

Micro finance challenges and future prospects.

Anlysis of investment avenues with special refernce to insurance products.

Role of commercial banks in reducing the poverty level more effectively

Comparitive study of insurance industry with focus on LIC.

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