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Department of physics works for holistic and coherent understanding of the theories and laws of physics necessary for the young formative technical minds to comprehend and create concepts for cognition. Physics which is a natural and basic science is important in developing and understanding of space, matter, energy, force and related things. Like any other basic science it works in collaboration with other subjects like mechanics mathematics and astronomy. The department stresses on conceptual and qualitative understanding. Continually makes connection between mathematical equations and focuses on explanatory, descriptive as well as practical schemes. Applied physics, in engineering, is more about study of natural phenomena and implementation of laws for understanding of universe. The syllabus of physics is divided in two parts- Applied physics-1, and Applied Physics-2 and has got lab practicals plus few demonstrations. The lab is well equipped with latest and required instruments and equipments. The faculty involved is scholar and research fellows, covering wide research fields like biomedical application of laser and optical fiber, alkalialides and thermo elastic behavior of solids. Recently department has submitted paper which is related to energy density flux of ultra high energy cosmic to astrophysics journal in January. Nowadays they are interested to do some super symmetric mass spectrum of sfermions, higgsinos, gauginos (model dependent) and role of extra higgs particle in inflation theory.

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