A personality shapes by brushing shoulders and exchanging views. The clubs and provide the opportunity to foster relations and bonds and develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

Participation in these Clubs, result in:

  • Adaptability
  • Improved creativity
  • Tolerance
  • Leadership
  • Expanding the network of connections
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding


Creativity is not a prerogative of the seniors. The juniors lay equal claim and have a right to be showcased. There in comes the role of the clubs which mentor and foster this urge and make campus life a cut above the rest.

1) Prayas- The Eco Club Facebook

Convener: Dr Surendar Kaur(Assistant Professor, EVS)
The Eco Club aims at instilling environmental awareness so that they mature as socially responsible individuals. Green has metamorphosed into a unique mantra. Vision: Green, Clean and Safe Earth

The Bustle:
Awareness through Flash Mobs
Bio Manure Plant
No Polythene Campaign
Workshops on sustainable Development

2) LogiX: The Algorithm Club Facebook

Logic is the key to success and this club nurtures the prodigies in the field of software development as well as logic implementation.
Vision: To make it possible with logic.
The Bustle:
Hackathon- The Hacking Competition
Android App cum Idea Competition

3) Bastion -The English Club Facebook

Convener: Dr Garima Williams(Assistant Professor, BSH)
The global Lingua Franca i.e. English, bears the enormous strain of good bonding and good communication. This club was carved to hone and expand the vocabulary and the communication skills of not just its members but also those around.
The club aims at creating impressive persona that envisages good articulation and the generation of camaraderie is one of the aspects the club seeks to achieve. A whole gamut of programs over the academia keeps the club jockeying.
Vision: Be a heard voice...
The Bustle


Mono Acting
Host the Show

Triseikadeka Phobia-
The Gallop
Tete e Tete
Talk Shows

4) IDEGY-The Business Club

It aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to the entrepreneurs and opportunity to hone their leadership skills.
Vision: Create jobs not look for jobs (in line with the Prime Minister's Vision)
The Bustle:
Industrial Visits
Guest Lectures
Works Shops
I-Start an Entrepreneurial Step

5) ENERGY: The Sports Club

The foci are on a creative brain and good physique. A sound mind in a sound body is the guide behind this apparently neglected sphere. The driving force behind this initiative is the person none the less our honorable chairman.
Standard courts for Girls and Boys have been developed and maintained for providing proper training under able guidance of the coaches

Indoor Games/Fitness at PSIT
Table Tennis
Yoga & Meditation

Thus the club aims to promote sports as an instrument for physical and mental fitness and to promote healthy and active life style among students.
Vision: A sound mind in a sound body
The Bustle:
Interdepartmental matches
Sports Meets
Specialized Training
Yoga and Aerobics for an agile body

6) DREAMERS: The Arts Club

Convener: Dr Urvashi Shrivastava (Assistant Professor, BSH)
The creativity is given vent by showcasing the vivid thoughts in colors. The artistic skills serve as a platform to hone and harbinger and gel with the art community.
Vision: Seen and Feeling is Believing
The Bustle:
Poster Competition
Rangoli Competition
Collage Competition


Convener: Ms Rupa Bhalla(Assistant Professor,Department of MBA)
Dance is a unique gift and gyrating on the rhythm is a matter of practice whereas it is sharpened by opportunities to shake the leg. Club is paving opportunities to represent PSIT Kanpur in cultural events at the state level.
Vision: To foster cultural unity
The Bustle
Dancing Competitions


Convener: Ms Rupa Bhalla(Assistant Bhalla, MBA)
A stress-free mind advances fast thus music as a therapy has established itself prominently worldwide. As an anecdote to stress the members are encouraged to nurture their talent.
Vision: To make melody a part of professional stress management.
The Bustle
War of Band
Singing Competition
The College Choir

9) Embrotronics : The Embedded Systems, Robotics - Electronics Club

Convener: Mr Anand Mehrotra
The domain of electronics has been turbulent with what is new today is becoming redundant by the evening.
Vision: To match the pace of development in the corporate by apprising the student.
The Bustle:
STC on Speech based robot
STC on MATLAB & Basics of Wireless Communication
STC on Digital VLSI System Design
STC on MATLAB & Image Processing
FDP on Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems (8051 & PIC)

10) Yoga- The yoga club

Convener- Dr APS Bhadauria (Assistant Professor)

Yoga is not just way of getting fit as fiddle but it is the means of getting a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and socially. Our college has brought a notion to make yoga not only an exercise but also a habit by forming a Yoga club this year to make the students aware that indeed, "Health is wealth."

Vision- To transform one's personality into a better version and to make students mentally, physically and emotionally strong so that they can excel in every arena.

1. Yoga classes
2. Seminar
3. Awareness programs
4. Yoga Competition

11) Human Values Cell: The Human Values club

Convener: Dr APS Bhadauria (Assistant Professor)

Values, one of the important attributes to build one's character & personality. is well-versed with the team to ensure the felicitous continuation of much needed general human values among the college students so that they can click their goals with the right perspective & socially accepted approach.

Vision - To ensure the rich environment for students so that they don't forget the general human values in this modern era.

Bustles :
Seminars on human values
Guest lectures

12) Rotract : social service club

Convener: Ms Rupa Bhalla (Assistant Professor,Department of MBA)

"Society is the mirror of an individual deeds, it reflects what we do".
A benevolent person always tries to assist others in difficult situation and tries to be socially active. These qualities comes inside a being from the place where he/she spends most of his time. In PSIT, we take care of that through Rotract which is the branch of Rotary Club of Kanpur and keeps a check on the student that if they are giving something back to the society or not.

Vision: To develop the leadership skills and to broaden the mental horizon of students.

1. Weekly meeting
2. Monthly socio- survey
3. Educational help to slum areas.
4. Distributing clothes and other useful things to poor.
5) Blood donation camp
6) Debate competition over social topics

13) Toastmasters International Club : Where Leaders are Made Facebook

Convener : Dr Garima Williams

A speech has a power to add values to the lives of the listeners. Thus, PSIT brought a structured and registered part of International Toastmasters club to build eloquent speakers and prow leaders through this platform so that the students could gain confidence to let their opinions be heard to the world.

Vision : To empower individuals to become a dynamic, high-value and influential speakers and leaders in ahead future.

Bustles :
Weekly Toastmasters meetings
Table topics Contest
Individual Speech Contest

14) Voice: The Media Club

Convener - Mr. Durgesh Agnihotri, (Assistant Professor, Department Of MBA)

Media influences to lift the society to a better future. With this aim, Voice-the media club endeavors to make its members comprehend the art of interactive communication along with gaining excellence in media pedagogy. This encompasses journalism, reporting, team building as well as leadership quality and a lot more.

Vision : To enrich people in the field of mass media and interactive communication.

Bustles :
Event Coverage
Press reports

15) Quizkey Facebook

Convener: Mr Prakhar Veram,Assistant Professor(Mechanical Department)

Quizzing is an important part of self-growth and intellectual growth in students! One cannot be a bookworm and excel in life, it is important to know our surroundings as much as we know our books. To instill enthusiasm and to build self-confidence in students, PSIT has a club named Quizkey to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a healthy relationship between application of learning concepts and theory!

Vision: To enhance the general awareness of students and to popularise quizzing as a Mind Sport amongst the students of PSIT!

The Bustle:
Quiz Competitions
Guest lectures by quizmasters

16) DE: The Design and Engineering Club Facebook

Convener: Dr Nitin Srivastava

Necessity is the mother of invention! What about creativity and innovation? It is the product of stagnant and continuously flowing curiosity in the mind of young learner! We all grow up asking questions and our questions lessen as we grow up because we stop getting answers to them! To keep the curious cat alive in the mind of enthusiastic learners, PSIT has a club named DE aka Design And Engineering that works towards putting in the creativity and innovation of students into play and works on designing various softwares for architecture, engineering, construction, etc.

Vision: The vision of DE is to get the best out from a student's mind and give it life!

The Bustle:
Various workshops on 3D Printing
Lectures on Technical Skills

17)Ingenious: The Photography Club Facebook

Convener: Mr. Ashish kumar

What is a moment, if not worth capturing?
What are plots, if they can not be put
into emotions and shown to others?
For all the creative buds in our college, the photography club works as a pedestal to bring out their creativity in a channelized manner so that they can nourish their passion side by side and learn about professional photography and film-making.

Vision : To make people educated towards the aspect of film-making and photography so that they can know and nurture the talent in them.

Bustles :
Photography workshops
Collage making contest
Small documentary contest
Guest lectures by experts
Various event coverage

18) Abhyuday: The Hindi Club Facebook

Convener: Mr Manoj Kumar Yadav, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Language is an important tool to express yourself and specially when it is your mother tongue.Here in PSIT, the baton for the awareness of Hindi is well managed by the Hindi club with a belief that One who can not respect ones language, can never be an ideal professional in real sense.

Vision : To make people proficient in their own mother tongue and keep it alive for generations to come.

Bustles :
1) Kavi Sammelan
2) Vichaar Ghoshthi
3) Vad-Vivaad Competitions
4) Speeches from External Writers
5) Shabdawali

19) Parampara

Every job is of equal importance in our eyes whether it be our teaching staff, support staff or the unsung heroes whose work is generally not acknowledged but here in PSIT we understand their contribution in our overall development as an institution.

"Parampara" is an annual departmental event hosted by the final year students of various departments to felicitate and acknowledge the work of the support staff who helps us throughout the year to maintain the dignity of our institution including sweepers, security guards, peons and other staff.

Well managed by the students themselves while they collect the fund and organize the event just to see the smiles on the faces of the people who gave their best every time so that we do not have any trouble regarding anything.

This shows that our students are not only professionally evolved but humane enough to go out and change the world to make it a better place.