As a saying goes “Even an army does not march on an empty stomach’.

Various food joints in PSIT, serve an important role by giving space to shake the head and share a word of wisdom and this portrays the adage 'Eat to live and not live to eat'.

Dining hall (separate for boys and girls)
In PSIT hostel, which is a home away from home, we put our best possible efforts to not let any hosteller miss the homemade food. Dining Halls in PSIT are fully air-conditioned. They serve hygienic meals to the hostellers.

Oasis (The Cafeteria)
We have two canteens for serving a variety of eatables for the students at reasonable prices. These places become their discussion and enjoyment area during breaks.

Nescafe Joints
The Institute has two Nescafe Joints that serve tasty coffee and other food items. This also serves as a place to stop by after the hectic schedule and lighten up your mind with a hot cup of coffee.