Training and Consultancy

Technical Training

Technical Training  teaches the skills needed to design, develop, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology or related application, product or service.

Aptitude Training

Aptitude refers to the competency of a person to learn or acquire knowledge.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are the competencies that allow students to interact effectively and productively with others, no matter the role or the setting.

Industrial Consultancy

We provide wide range of value added services in project identification, project counseling, prefeasibility reports, detailed project feasibility reports, infrastructure planning, skills development etc. We have the capability to convert an idea into reality and is the key to industrial and commercial development. We provide the strength and support of technology, man power, resources, and guide budding entrepreneurs with new ideas and in the process of conversion into reality.

Learing & Employability Advancement Program@PSIT-COE For Developing Employability Skills

LEAP is a training program for creating and conducting training sessions designed to customize each program intricately to meet the needs and objectives of the organization. We combine fun, interaction and learning in our training programs.

Training simply defines itself; skill set incorporated with knowledge .Personality may be defined as the most characteristic integration of an individual's structure modes of behaviour, interests, attitudes, capacities, abilities and aptitudes.

When customizing training programs we go through four step process:-

  1. 1. Analyze
  2. 2. Create
  3. 3. Implement
  4. 4. Enhance

Analyze : We primarily analyze a the training needs of the organization. We connect training needs through various methodologies. We use it to create a talent enhancement plan. Talent enhancement plan takes into consideration:

  1. The goals and growth plans of the company
  2. Competencies needed to support this growth
  3. Allocation of fund for this growth

Create : Here we create the content for each program. That is designed based on the objectives and desired results expected by the key stakeholders. This will involve:

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Questionnaires
  3. Audio-Video Clips
  4. Team Projects

Implementation : In this process we go about identifying the right trainers required for the skill sets that we need to train the students on. We bring in trainers who are subject matter experts and have the relevant expertise to deliver the training impactfully as well an interactive manner that engages the audience.

Enhance : The final step in this process is to enhance , this involves assessing training effectiveness and looking at what needs to be done to enhance skills. We use pre- training and post training assessments in our skill and behavioral training program which includes questionnaire,feedback from managers as well as interviews.

By this the participant keeps into account his/her current strengths, the challenges they face and areas that they need to work on to improve. Once this is done there will be a check on a periodic basis to check the progress of participants.

LEAP has a team of experienced soft skill & technical trainers who approach training with both passion and knowledge.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills is a term often associated with a person's "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) i.e., the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people.

In today's competitive professional world one needs to be dynamic,diligent,flexible,pragmatic,spontaneous, divergent, eloquent, persistent and above all have integrity and empathy apart from the academic excellence to be the first choice of the recruiter of the leading companies. A student might be very good in his/her theoretical knowledge but one has to be good enough in soft skills, aptitude, verbal and logical reasoning.

Any thoughtful hiring manager will want to assess your character traits, attitudes and interpersonal style. He or she will look for clues about your work habits, how you see yourself in relationship to others, how you will perform and how well you will fit into the company's culture. These things aren't generally discernable from a resume. Nor can they be asked about directly. But, often behavioral questions will comprise a significant portion of an interview and your answers will reveal a great deal.

In house training @ PSIT-COE provides all, that takes to groom the personality of its students from the very moment the student joins the institute. The highly skilled & experienced trainers nurture the students and strengthen their fortitude with their charisma.

Aptitude Training

Aptitude tests are part of pre-employment psychometric assessments to determine if you are intelligently fit for a job. Almost 75% of the world's top employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process for high ranking jobs. Aptitude tests were developed to assess the capability or aptitude of a particular person in a structured, systematic and objective way. They consist of standardized methods, and the scores are compared with those of a control or reference group. PSIT-COE conducts aptitude training for all third year and final year students. Aptitude test reveal the competencies like problem solving ability, critical skills, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, mathematical reasoning, data analysis and information ordering of the individual. Problem solving abilities are required while working on development projects. The various methods under aptitude training are

  1. Reasoning ability development
  2. Quantitative development
  3. Application of number theory
  4. Applications of Arithmetic based problems in campus placements
  5. Puzzles & Brain teasers
  6. Quantitative concepts and trends in aptitude test for companies
  7. Aptitude test simulation and discussion of all important concepts & test training strategy.

At a Glance

Here at PSIT-COE we not only provide pre-placement training but also post-placement training so as to make our students fully prepared for the corporate world. This highly interactive program is designed to give students the much needed edge in positioning themselves ahead of the curve in today's highly competitive world.

In house Training Program@PSIT-COE provides industry specific training which includes the following:

  1. Preparing students for Group Discussion
  2. Enhancement of interpersonal skills
  3. Personal Interview sessions which include everything like dressing, greeting, gestures, postures, confidence & preparation for the anticipated potential questions.
  4. Training under strict supervision of the institute.
  5. Assistance of the trainers 24X7.
  6. Acquaintance with their hidden talents and motivation
  7. Emphasis on improving communication, listening, negotiation, etiquette, language skills etc.
  8. Extensive aptitude training, customized to the needs of the students.
  9. Providing holistic understanding of various quant and reasoning methodologies.
  10. Easier access to the subject experts to seek clarifications.
  11. Availability of modern facilities upgraded with latest technologies.
  12. Preference in campus placement drives.