Qualification as above that is for the post of Associate Professor, applicable

Post Ph.D publications and guiding Ph.D student is highly desirable.


1. Minimum of 10 years teaching / research / industrial experience of which at least 5 years should be at
the level of Associate Professor.

Minimum of 13 years experience in teaching and/ or Research and/or Industry.

2. In case of research experience, good academic record and books / research paper publications / IPR / patents record shall be required as deemed fit by the expert members of the Selection

3. If the experience in industry is considered, the same shall be at managerial level equivalent to
Associate Professor with active participation record in devising / designing, planning, executing,
analyzing, quality control, innovating, training, technical books / research paper
publications / IPR / patents, etc. as deemed fit by the expert members of the Selection

4. In case of Architecture, Professional Practice of 10 years as certified by the Council of Architecture shall also be considered valid.

Salary Package (Per Annum)
1. Equivalence for PhD is based on publication of 5 International Journal papers, each Journal having a cumulative impact index of not less than 2.0, with incumbent as the main author and all 5 publications being in the authors’ area of specialization.
2. PhD shall be from a recognized University.
3. For an incumbent Assistant Professor, experience at the level of Assistant Professor will be considered equivalent to experience at the level of Associate Professor, provided the incumbent Assistant Professor has acquired or acquires Ph. D Degree in the relevant discipline.
4. Experience at Diploma Institutions is also considered equivalent to experience in degree level Institutions at appropriate level and as applicable. However, qualifications as above shall be mandatory.
5. If a class/ division is not awarded, minimum of 60% marks in aggregate shall be considered equivalent to first class/ division. If a Grade Point System is adopted the CGPA will be converted into equivalent marks as below.

Grade Point Equivalent Percentage
6.25 55%
6.75 60%
7.25 65%
7.75 70%
8.25 75%

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